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C&C Sports Show Episode 12: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady

In episode 12, Stacey and Natasha open with the taping controversy surrounding the New England Patriots. Both debate whether the Patriots are cheaters, or not.  Next, the duo discusses the New York Yankees signing coveted starting pitcher, Gerrit Cole, to a record-breaking contract. Then, Stacey

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C&C Sports Show Episode 11: Did You Miss Us?

After a two-week hiatus, the fantastic duo of Stacey Collier II and Natasha Clare returns. In this episode, Stacey and Natasha open with the Houston Rockets filing a protest against the NBA over discrediting two points from James Harden. Next, the duo discusses the firing

C&C Sports Show Episode 9: Going Back To College

In episode nine of the C&C Sports Show, Stacey and Natasha discuss the initial College Football Playoff rankings. Both give their reactions to the first four teams and preview the upcoming LSU versus Alabama game. Also, Stacey and Natasha preview the college basketball season. They

C&C Sports Show Episode 8: Time To Overreact

In episode eight of the C&C Sports Show, Stacey and Natasha start off with their reactions to the first week of the NBA season. Both discuss who were the standouts, both Los Angeles teams, and Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors rocky start. Then,

C&C Sports Show Episode 7: NBA Season Preview

Stacey and Natasha return with a brand new episode of the C&C Sports Show dedicated to an NBA season preview. The duo starts off the episode with their season expectations and the first game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. Next,

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C&C Sports Show Episode 6: The NBA China Fallout

This week, Stacey and Natasha dive into the ongoing NBA versus China controversy. Both give their opinions about whether the NBA is right or wrong in their stance. Next, the duo talks about NBA Preseason action, highlighting the Los Angeles Lakers, Zion Williamson, and the

C&C Sports Show Episode 4: No Money for Melvin

In episode four, Natasha and Stacey continue their NFL coverage. The duo discusses the Los Angeles Chargers’ running back Melvin Gordon III ending his holdout. Then, they discuss the latest news on Antonio Brown and former Pro Bowl wide receiver Calvin Johnson’s revealing interview. Natasha

C&C Sports Show Episode 3: The New Era Begins

Episode three ties in possible new beginnings for the notable names in sports. Stacey and Natasha tackle Jacksonville Jaguars’ star cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s trade request. Then, the duo discusses New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning’s demotion in favor of their first-round pick, Daniel Jones. Stacey

C&C Sports Show: The Antonio Brown Saga

In episode two, Stacey and Natasha cover the Antonio Brown story. The duo breaks down his issues with the Oakland Raiders, his sudden release, signing to the New England Patriots, and his sexual assault case. Also, Stacey and Natasha discuss whether Derrick Rose is worthy