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The Kyrie Irving Saga

The NBA season has started, and all wheels are in motion. In the borough of Brooklyn, the Nets are off to a slow, but a competitive start. While the Nets were hoping controversy was in the rearview mirror, the Kyrie Irving saga takes another weird

Shaun Livingston

From Broken to Risen: The Career of Shaun Livingston

The NBA career of Shaun Livingston started in 2004 when he was drafted 4th overall out of Peoria Central high school by the Los Angeles Clippers. At the time, he was the number one point guard in the country and a McDonald’s All-American. He originally

Free Agency Winners: Who Got Better?

This year’s summer was one of the bigger ones in NBA history. There have been a lot of surprises that shocked the basketball world. A lot of unexpected signings and trades occurred and it was exciting. Each and every one of us is surely excited