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Tyrese Proctor

International Profile Part 4: Tyrese Proctor

Skilled guards are a thing that we always look forward to watching during basketball games. Their ability to put on a show is phenomenal as they rock the crowd in each possession. Australian Native, Tyrese Proctor, is the next big thing as far as tall

Yannick Nzosa

International Profile Part 3: Yannick Nzosa

Sometimes we refer to players as animals. Guys who are freakishly athletic and play with a high level of tenacity always gain their respect in the basketball world. For 17-year-old protege Yannick Nzosa, he shows to be a player that understands his role. He’s the

juan nunez

International Profile Part 2: Juan Nunez

While scoring in this era of basketball has become the biggest highlight, being a traditional guard is still necessary oftentimes. Some players are not meant to be big-time scorers on a nightly basis. There are a few that are great at distributing that they don’t

International Profile Part 1: Nikola Jovic

Positionless basketball wins again. Coming out of the 2022 NBA Draft class, there are numerous big men with guard-like skills but in a larger body. The versatility they portray allows them to be dangerous on the floor in numerous ways. There is a 6’10 prospect

Canadian Elite Basketball League to Return to Action

The Canadian Elite Basketball League announced last month that they will be returning to play with the Summer Series Tournament. The CEBL will be the first professional sports league to resume play in Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the pause of all other leagues.