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Clippers Weaknesses

Searching for the Los Angeles Clippers’ Weaknesses

The NBA is back in full swing. Each team has only played a few games. If you haven’t caught yourself overreacting, you’re simply lying to yourself. The Los Angeles Clippers were the preseason favorite to win the championship by a slim margin. Two games were

LeBron AD

Los Angeles Lakers Preseason Takeaways

Hoops fans can rejoice, as the NBA’s Dog Days are officially coming to an end. The Los Angeles Lakers preseason contests have provided us with a glimpse into one of the league’s most intriguing teams. They’ve played four games so far. Two were wins against

Daryl Morey messed with the NBA’s Chinese money

There’s an old wise saying: “Idle hands and idle minds are the devil’s workshop.” Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey appears to be the embodiment of that. On October 4, Morey tweeted seven words. Seven words that turned the NBA on its axis. Seven words that