Phoenix Suns All-Time Starting Lineup

The Phoenix Suns are a franchise still searching for their second title. However, that has not stopped them from possessing a multitude of talent throughout the team’s history. Much like the Denver Nuggets, there are still plenty of stars who have come through during the franchise’s existence in the NBA. However, this begs another question. Who would crack the starting rotation of the Suns’ All-Time team?

A Look at the All-Time Starting Lineup for the Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns All-Time Starting Point Guard: Steve Nash

This first one should come as no surprise to anyone. Steve Nash actually had two stints with the Suns, but it was his second stint where he achieved the most success. Nash would go on to win two MVP’s and become an eventual Hall of Famer. The point guard would even go on to make the All-NBA Team seven times in his career and win the assists title five different times. Nash would even make the All-Star game multiple times in a Phoenix Suns jersey.

In his 10 seasons with Phoenix, Nash would go on to average 14.4 points per game coupled with 8.5 assists per game. Not to mention, he would average a nice offensive rating of 120 during his combined stints with Phoenix along with an offensive win share of 71.5. While it is a shame Nash did not get a ring in his legendary career, no one can take away the fact that he is one of the best point guards in NBA history.

Phoenix Suns All-Time Starting Shooting Guard: Paul Westphal

Westphal is often forgotten in today’s NBA. He has been around the league as a coach, but many forget that he was also a player back in the 1970s. Not to mention, he helped the Suns earn their first NBA title in the 1973-74 season. While Westphal may not be as polarizing of a figure as Steve Nash was, he was still a quality player in his prime.

He would go on to make the All-NBA Team four times and also be a five-time All-Star. In his stint with the Suns, he would average 15.6 points per game coupled with 5.2 assists per game. Not only did he put up these numbers, but Westphal also tallied an offensive rating of 112. Westphal would also go on to possess an offensive win share of 37 throughout his tenure with the Phoenix Suns. Westphal is truly one of the legendary Phoenix Suns who are often forgotten.

All-Time Starting Small Forward: Dan Majerle

Thunder Dan is one of the most underrated players in NBA history. He was a part of the great Phoenix Suns teams of the early 1990s. He helped form a solid trio with Kevin Johnson and Charles Barkley. As a matter of fact, he would probably have a ring were it not for the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls. He may have been the third option of this trio, but he still provided the Suns some great moments.

Majerle boasts three All-Star appearances and two All-Defensive Team appearances on his resume. During his time with the Suns, he would average 13.5 points per game and 1.4 steals per game. Majerle would also average a defensive rating of 108 during his career with the Suns. While many NBA peers have not even heard of Dan Majerle, any avid Suns fan will tell you about how valuable Thunder Dan was to the franchise during his tenure.

All-Time Starting Power Forward: Charles Barkley

Sir Charles is one of the most entertaining TV personalities. However, he is a Hall of Famer for a reason. Barkley is one of the best power forwards in NBA history and established his dominance in the league very quickly. He helped the Suns to a Finals appearance in the early 90s and was the clear-cut first option on the squad. Barkley has an insane NBA resume. He made the All-Star Team 11 times, won the MVP, won the All-Star Game MVP, and is even a one-time rebounding champion.

During his time with the Suns, Barkley would average 23.4 points per game. Averaging 11.5 rebounds per game also helped. He even improved his play-making with the Suns as he would average 4.4 assists per game as well. His offensive rating during that time stands at 117 coupled with an offensive win share of 29.6. Barkley is one of the most colorful personalities in the league. However, it is important to remember how dominant of a player he was during his prime as well.

All-Time Starting Center: Alvan Adams

Adams is the only one on this list who spent his entire career with the Phoenix Suns. He would go on to become a one-time All-Star, make the All-Rookie Team, and win the Rookie of the Year as well. Adams would average 14.1 points per game throughout his underrated career and he would also pull down seven rebounds per game as well.

Not to mention, he was an underrated defender as well. Adams holds a career defensive rating of 100 and even possesses a career defensive win share of 43.6. Like many others on this list, Adams is one of the more underrated players in NBA history. However, he was a great center for many years for the Phoenix Suns. This starting rotation may not be the flashiest, but it definitely would win many games.

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